Fight & Heal is a complete system of self defense and health taught by 3rd Degree Jiu Jitsu black belt and Russian Martial Arts instructor, Arseniy Grebnov.


Our Fight & Heal training sessions provide a phenomenal fitness experience as well as self defense skills that you can rely on. All of our training is conducted in a safe and supportive environment where you can focus on learning without worrying about getting injured.

We give every client our full, undivided attention to ensure that they are keeping on track with their goals and seeing the changes they wish to make in their lives. With our full-circle approach to self defense and fitness training, many people have accomplished life-changing results, and you can too.

“Training with Arseniy Grebnov was nothing short of life-changing for my family and me. We have learned so many techniques that are applicable not only in self defense but life defense. I mean to say my life’s stressors affect me a lot less with my new found understanding of my body and how it reacts and where my stress and fear hide and best of all, how to rid myself of it. My wife has improved her strength, balance and coordination just by following the simple regiment we learned from Arseniy. My son uses the relaxation Techniques Arseniy taught us and has done a complete 180 in school able to stay seated and follow direction better. By far New Jersey gained a special trainer for a those seeking to do more than just kick ass and take names.”

Richard R.

“I had the distinct pleasure of training with Arseniy. Arseniy is patient, forthright, and very honest, allowing honest exploration. His leadership is exceptional and he will guide you to healthy living practices. Arseniy has phenomenal combative skills and more importantly, the ability to teach all versions of combatives from stand up fighting to ground fighting. Arseniy is a kind, patient, and extremely skilled instructor. If you have an opportunity to train with him you will enjoy what Arseniy is able to teach you as you explore yourself more fully! “

Ken Y.

Standing, on the ground and anywhere in between he has the real deal skills and he can teach them to you. Arseniy’s power combined with his commitment to health and healing are unsurpassed. If you want a Systema instructor who can actually fight, Arseniy is for you. Don’t be fooled by his youth, Arseniy delivers.”

Gene S.

“My training with Arseniy was enjoyable, productive and insightful. He is relaxed and good humored in addition to being very competent and professional in his teaching abilities and martial skills.”

Martin N.

“Not since the humble beginnings of martial arts has a practitioner brought forth the essence of natural defense mechanisms. Arseniy Grebnov teaches the synergy aspect in human objectivity to produce a common sense combative via Real Martial Arts. Wherefore the ideology of this art form conceives a grasp to relative initiatives through interactions of various minds to produce humble students, teachers, and most importantly uniform discipline. Real Martial Arts is the quint essential form of defense when settled in a real objectivity of daily struggles and triumphs.”

Ovidio G.